Land Escapes Backyard Landscaping Service

Another important consideration in planning for your backyard decor involves plants and landscaping. Even if Lido Pools only build the pool, it will help you and your ultimate satisfaction if we do our construction work and pay attention to landscaping details from simple deck planters to sleeves for drainage, sprinklers, lighting, fortified deck areas and roughed in plumbing lines for future deckside rock falls and water features. Your plant and landscaping selections are limited only by your imagination and budget; but remember even if you're on a limited budget; the right selection of plant life can truly enhance your backyard decor.

There are some special rules when planning around a pool area, mostly things to avoid:

  • Overhanging branches, which can drop debris into the pool.
  • When planting trees, be aware of the root system, since growing roots can cause ground swell and disrupt the pool frame.
  • Select plants and flowers, which DO NOT attract bees or insects.
  • Avoid plants, which produce fruit or berries, which could stain decks and walks.
  • Be careful about plants, which have thorns, stickers, or soapy substances.

Following these special rules will help you determine the best plant and landscaping selections to highlight your pool.